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Renee is a licensed CPA and Certified Information Privacy Professional, with an MBA, and public accounting, corporate, governmental, and educational work experience.  She has endured, survived and at times flourished in challenging work-related situations, though hard to believe, nobody could invent.  Being accomplished at your profession, remaining on good terms with most coordinates, fellow workers, bosses, and even auditors, all the while substantially enjoying your job and keeping your stress level under control is possible.  Appropriate humor, applied strategically, is part of the formula.

Renee's sister, Amy, is employed in the legal field.  Amy's humor and creativity, aided and abetted by Renee, are showcased in our book,
Past Jacks Run. A zany memoir of redneck mayhem, the manuscript is like the movie Winter's Bone meets My Life and Hard Times by James Thurber. The book is presently being submitted to agents and publishers.

Publishing Syndicate published Renee's greyhound story, "Sent Packing," in their 2013 anthology, Not Your Mother's Book . . . on Dogs, the story, "Grazing Crazy O's," about her toddler son in their 2014 anthology, NYMB . . . On Being a Mom, and a third story, "Check, Please," about a philandering customer, in their 2014 anthology, NYMB. . . On Working for a Living. Renee's story, "Twice in One Day," appeared in NYMB . . . On SEX in 2015.

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